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Feel the heat of a sultry Parisian summer night with a fusion of Disco and Pop, capturing the essence of romance, freedom and carefree dancing

Music: Welkom

Rendez-vous on Spotify

Released 14/09/2023

"Introducing 'Rendez-vous,' the debut EP by Malu. Meaning 'a place of agreed gathering,' it serves as a heartfelt space where all the pivotal moments and tales from the past 4 years converge for Malu. Through both the lyrical narratives and accompanying artwork, a subtle thread links the five tracks, inviting listeners on a journey to gradually unravel the deeper connections between the stories."

Music & Lyrics: Marloes van Dongen 

Band: Jelle Weber, Davy Lourenburg, Sweder Al

Mix Engineer: Tijmen van Wageningen
Master: Jerboa

Label: Excelsior Recordings

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