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Malu is the result of a love affair between France and The Netherlands, or rather, the passion project of Marloes van Dongen. As a songwriter, singer and producer, she crafts her songs in her home-studio. 

On September 15 2023, Malu’s first EP ‘Rendez-Vous’ was released, in collaboration with Dutch label Excelsior Recordings. 

The name Malu is derived from Marie-Louise, Marloes’s name in French. As the child of two violinists of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, music is fully intertwined in her genes. From the moment she was a baby, she began to grasp the world around her, engaged with melodies and rhythms. Around the age of 5 she actively began to make music, gradually learning more and more about the musical spectrum and at 12 years old, she wrote her first original song. 

While continuing to write new music everyday, she gradually assembled her band over the past few years, with whom she now performs the songs live and 

The band consists of Jelle Weber (bass), Arend van Beurden (drums), Thomas Curvers (guitar/keys) and Chris Walthaus (guitar). They collaborate to fine-tune the songs for both live performances and studio recordings. In light of this, they're currently in the midst of producing an album scheduled for release next year, with plans to roll out singles beginning in the summer of 2024...

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